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MDR is a new breed of Security Incident Event Management integrates the dedicated experts, technology and intelligence needed to overcome the shortcomings of the MSSP model by the proactive approach in terms of investigating cyber threats and providing the support to swiftly eliminate threats 24/7.


Gartner said it themselves in their Managed Detection and Response Service Market Guide; "Clients should be wary of claims from traditional MSSPs on their ability to deliver MDR-like services. Delivering these services requires technologies not traditionally in scope for MSS, such as endpoint threat detection/response, or network behavior analysis or forensic tools." An MDR approach is fundamentally different in that it allows access to extremely sophisticated detection and response technologies. With MDR, an organization can access a different grade of technology – and trust that it is being used to its full potential to monitor, detect and respond to threats by the industry professionals who understand it best. MSSP solution can help organizations maintain a basic level of security, but if you are a mid-to-enterprise sized organization – forensic tools are a must to catch treats.

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