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What is GDPR?

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives consumers more say over what companies can do with their data. GDPR will bring about tougher fines for non-compliance and breaches, and will help standardize data protection rules throughout the European Union.

Getting Started with GDPR Compliance

Since the process of evaluating and treating risk is mandated by GDPR, organizations should first begin with a Data Protection Impact Assessment. A Data Protection Impact Assessment is a process that helps organizations identify and minimize privacy risks, helping them know areas for improvement in order to comply with GDPR.

We have highly qualified GDPR consultants to address the legislation

GDPR Compliance means organizations must:

  • Provide clear and straightforward consent when collecting data of individuals within the EU
  • Allow individuals the right to request the erasure of data, withdraw consent to stop the dissemination of data, and halt third-party processing of data
  • Notify individuals, and customers, of a potential data breach within 72 hours of discovery
  • Play a role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure compliance with GDPR and avoid risks associated with processing personal data

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